Disinfectant - 24 oz


This 95% alcohol spray sanitizer is a powerful and safe cleanser, ideal for cleansing hands and surfaces.

The convenient sprayer allows you to apply the sanitizer to door handles, tables, handsets, and more without having to touch the surfaces.

The delicate citrus scent leaves only the mildest, pleasant scent behind.

Directions for Surface Use: Spray 6-8 inches from surface. Allow the sanitizer to stand on the surface for several minutes then wipe the surface.


Directions for Hand Use: Spray front and back of hands. Rub hands together until dry.



Active Ingredient: Non-GMO 95% ethanol

Additional Ingredients:

Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend (Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Litsea, and Sweet Orange), Deionized Water.

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Chris M.

The pain salve is amazing! I have tried it on both old joint injuries and new muscle aches and bruises, and there is immediate relief. The product keeps working for hours to alleviate the pain. A little dab will do, and definitely worth the money!

500 CBD Pain Salve


The aromatic notes of citrus coupled with eh beneficial CBD and Epsom salts, provide a very enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing experience.  I would highly recommend New Day Wellness’ CBD bath bomb to anyone seeking to unwind after a stress filled day. 

Paul M.

Instant relief for my strained muscles after motorcycle racing.

250 CBD Pain Salve

Tom B.

We have used the New Day Pain Salve for bites and its amazing. Within minutes after application the itching is GONE. Truly a miracle product and so happy we stumbled on it. We’ve gotten a ton of relief because of New Day Pain Salve.

250 CBD Pain Salve

On a vacation to Idaho we ran across your product. Both my husband and I use the product and love the results.  I have spondylosis scoliosis  and love using a treadmill. For about a year and 1/2  I could not do that as my SI joint had issues due to the back.  Now I am able to do all the things I love paddle board, run, etc..  My husband just works extremely hard and finds this relives his neck issued from his job.  We tried many cbd products but didn't like the smell.  This product smells great so you can wear it during the day without funky smell

500 CBD Pain Salve

Laurie H.

CBD Bath Bomb

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