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I’m considering stopping using your CBG tincture because I no longer have pain!  Your CBG is much more effective than just CBD. It really stopped the pain. 

Another company’s 1:1 pain tincture just was not that effective. 

I had stopped using it because it was not working for me. 

Your pain salve is very good for the sore muscles that I constantly experience due to the months of inactivity as a result of back issues and subsequent surgeries.

Steve / CBG/CBD Tincture - Pain Salve

The pain salve is amazing! I have tried it on both old joint injuries and new muscle aches and bruises, and there is immediate relief. The product keeps working for hours to alleviate the pain. A little dab will do, and definitely worth the money!

Chris M / 500 mg CBD Pain Salve

Instant relief for my strained muscles after motorcycle racing.

Paul M / 250 mg CBD Pain Salve

On a vacation to Idaho we ran across your product. Both my husband and I use the product and love the results.  I have spondylosis scoliosis  and love using a treadmill. For about a year and 1/2  I could not do that as my SI joint had issues due to the back.  Now I am able to do all the things I love paddle board, run, etc..  My husband just works extremely hard and finds this relives his neck issued from his job.  We tried many cbd products but didn't like the smell.  This product smells great so you can wear it during the day without funky smell.

Laurie H / 500 mg CBD Pain Salve

I've been using the 250 mg pain salve with great success for back pain management. It's really amazing how fast it works. I've been able to completely get off the ibuprofen which is great for my stomach and my kidneys. I've been using it a few times a day for a couple of weeks now. My pain was 7-8. Now it's 0. I have to keep up the application, but it's worth the piece of mind that comes with no side effects, like ulcers.

Jeffery / 250 mg CBD Pain Salve

We have used the New Day Pain Salve for bites and its amazing. Within minutes after application the itching is GONE. Truly a miracle product and so happy we stumbled on it. We’ve gotten a ton of relief because of New Day Pain Salve!

Tom B / 250 mg CBD Pain Salve

I have diabetic neuropathy. The pain in my feet and joints gets unbearable at times. This ointment takes the sharp nerve pains away within a few moments and it has a nice smell like Thanksgiving cloves instead of menthol.

Shannon / 250 mg CBD - Pain Salve

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